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Rowan Rieve is a 4th grader at Sugar Hill Elementary and is in the after school Good News Club (sponsored by Good News Church GA). We've gotten to know and love Rowan and his family (Charlan & Bob, and brother, Jacob) and  and are excited about this opportunity to celebrate and bless their family.

Rowan has been battling childhood cancer but recently completed treatment and all seems to be well! There are still lots of expenses involved and this event is intended, not only to raise funds for Rowans family, but also to celebrate Rowan and his courageous and positive attitude throughout this journey. 


Just after turning 8 years old, Rowan Rieve was diagnosed with a medulloblastoma, a malignant brain tumor. He had two quick neurosurgeries at Children's Hospital of Atlanta-Scottish Rite to relieve pressure from built-up spinal fluid and remove the golf ball-sized tumor. After the "evil golf ball" was out of his head, Rowan relearned how to walk and talk, and then he headed into six weeks of daily radiation treatment for his head and spine. His chemotherapy started alongside radiation, taking more than a year to complete nine cycles. Now, the port in his chest that quickly delivered the chemo medicine throughout his body has been surgically removed, and Rowan is a happy fourth grader at Sugar Hill Elementary! Throughout this process, Rowan has been and is surrounded by the love of his family, friends, churches, neighbors, teachers and more precious people. He has never been alone and he is not just a survivor--Rowan is thriving, growing and making the most out of every day!