A new church experience
It is about family

If you’re joining us for the first time, that’s great! We meet at Monkey Wrench Brewing in an awesome indoor / outdoor space (14,000 warehouse) so there’s no need to dress up. People even bring their dogs!

Check out this BRIEF VIDEO (2 min.) created by I Luv Suwanee.

KIDS (ages 5 and older) stay with mom and dad through the first part of the service and then scoot out for a kids' lesson during the message.  

BABIES / TODDLERS - The worship service is a casual comfortable environment so you can get up  and move around with your baby or toddler, if needed. We have a large pack and play and safe toys to keep the little ones occupied. A diaper changing station is available.

MIDDLE / HIGH SCHOOL - Our students usually connect as one of our adult volunteers helps facilitate casual conversation with the students over breakfast, and since the worship service is Middle and High school student friendly, students just stay with the adults for the service. 

SEATING options are varied and include couches, padded folding chairs, picnic tables, etc. Many of us also bring our favorite comfortable tailgate chairs. 

SERVICE  OVERVIEW:  We get started at 10am with coffee and an assortment of homemade breakfast casseroles, donuts, bagels, etc. while we meet, connect, and catch up with one another. We consider breakfast and coffee a part of our worship service because we place a high value on relationships and connection.   

At around 10:20am, we transition towards our worship gathering. We often start by asking if anyone has any “good news” (i.e., highlights) from the past week, and it’s fun to hear the good things going on in each other’s lives.  We usually start our worship service by reading a passage of scripture (often from the Psalms), prayer, and a couple of worship songs. Then, we have a teaching message from the Bible (usually about 25-30 minutes) and opportunities for interactive sharing (i.e., prayer needs, encouraging Bible verses, and take-aways at the end of the service). Sharing is always optional.  We usually wrap up by 11:45am and stick around for lunch (if there's a food truck scheduled that day) and/or a beer in the taproom (opens at 12:30pm). 

Our hope is that our Sunday morning worship service experience would feel more like time together with friends than "going to church."  If you decide to come join us for a visit, we think it'll be a comfortable and encouraging experience. We hope to see you soon!