House Church Sunday - Praying The Lord's Prayer

The purpose of this interactive time of "Praying The Lord's Prayer" is to equip us and help us all feel more confident and comfortable when it comes to prayer, especially when it comes to praying for and with others. Truly the best way to pray is to just be yourself and talk to God like you were carrying on a conversation with a friend. This is a more structured approach, but it should still be a great blessing to your “be yourself / carry on a conversation with a friend” style of prayer. 

House Church is a great way to get to know each other better, meet and have conversations with people you haven't yet met, while enjoying a comfortable, casual morning of coffee, breakfast (bring something to share), and worship. Regular attenders and visitors can all choose a location.  We usually have 5-6 House Church locations where 15-20 people per home gather for breakfast, connection, and an informal time of conversation and worship.  Bringing food is optional but it's great when participants bring a breakfast item to share, whether it's homemade or store bought. It's all good!  Dress is comfortable / casual. Shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops are fine. :)